Why Your Business Needs Monthly Pest Control Services

Why Your Business Needs Monthly Pest Control Services

Your business, regardless of the type, cannot afford to have any kind of infestation be it mice, termites, ants or any other type of critter.  For retail outlets and restaurants it can destroy your reputation and business.  Even if your business doesn’t deal with the public your employees may go running if you have rats in the building.  Let’s look at some other reasons why your business needs monthly pest control services. 

Your Health

Pests bring with them diseases and that in turn can make you and your employees sick.  You need your business space free from pests and it can save you from liability.  Mosquitos, fleas, ants, roaches and vermin can all bring diseases into your workplaces.  Monthly inspections and immediate treatment can help prevent these types of problems.  As a business owner it is your responsibility to keep your employees safe. 

Property Values

A home or a business is a huge investment if it becomes infested with pests, particularly termites it can affect the value of the property.  Termites can destroy a structure, rodents chew through electrical wires and cause fires.  In either case you can end up with thousands of dollars in damage that insurance may not cover.  If you try and sell your premises potential buyers will be turned off.  Getting an inspection can save you a fortune. 

Ruined Inventory

If you are in the food service industry then pay attention, pests love stored food.  In your home it’s easy to recognize, you find droppings and holes chewed in food containers.  In a restaurant, grocery store where storage is much larger it can be harder to spot.  It’s not just food you have to worry about, pests can make their way into all kinds of storage facilities. 

It is Cost Effective

Prevention is always cheaper than the cure, and inspections and early detection can save your business a fortune.  Infestations that go undetected only get worse and more expensive to treat, it can even mean shutting down the business for a few days while you rid the place of pests.   Pests are always going to be a constant threat to your premises and a monthly inspection will keep them away.  Pest control companies have the latest techniques they can use to keep your building pest free including those that are environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for you and your staff.