Different Types of Pest Control

Different Types of Pest Control

We have been trying to keep pests out of our homes since the dawn of time.  In ancient Egypt they used cats to keep grain safe from rodents.  Scientists back in the 30’s studied how cats lower the population of rats in a given area.  While cats won’t get rid of rats altogether if you have cats along with other pest control methods you can keep mice and rats from returning to a rodent free area.  There are a number of different types of pest control that can be used to keep your home free of pests, let’s have a look at them. 

Biological Methods

Biological pest control can encompass a bunch of different methods.  It can be as simple as bringing in cats to get rid of vermin, it can include bringing in natural predators.  In Florida, for example, you will find many homes that have lizards they eat cockroaches and keep the home roach free.  Biological pest control is finding a green method to rid yourself of pests while not harming the surrounding environment.  This method is often used by gardeners, here is a closer look at how it works.

Mechanical Methods

This type of pest control uses things like traps and barriers to keep pests from your home and buildings. Barriers and the like are very good at keeping pests from your home but once they have invaded then it is time to bring out the traps.  There are traps available for almost every type of pest from the tiniest of ants to skunks or raccoons that have decided to call your property home. 

Chemical Methods

When it comes to pests like termites, roaches and bed bugs you need something powerful to get rid of them.  Pest control companies will use a variety of different chemicals to fumigate your home and make sure both the insects and the larvae are both destroyed.  There are toxic and non-toxic chemical methods that can be used but when it comes to these types of pests you need them gone!

Getting Rid of the Nests

If you want to get rid of pest for good then you have to find and destroy where they live.  That can be as simple as getting rid of all the water around your building so mosquitoes and other pests aren’t attracted to it.  Make sure garbage is sealed and away from the building.  Monthly inspections from a pest control company can point out vulnerable areas and seal them off.  If you do end up with pests this is one of the first things a pest control company will do.  It is not enough to get rid of them you also need to take measure to keep them from coming back.